Green Building – What Are Its Benefits?

Because of the unprecedented and rapid change in our climate, our government has been pushing a massive shift in policy giving incentives to homeowners who choose green technology. The effects of climate change can’t be ignored anymore which is why both consumers and custom builders are being mindful of their building efforts. Many are pushing for better quality and energy efficient solutions. Unfortunately, going green isn’t really a practical solution since they are a tad bit more expensive.

Another thing to consider when going green in construction is the government intervention. Before, the government were providing subsidies for homeowners who choose to build green building. However, today the US federal government policies have intervened the market to a high degree. Because of the large incentive of going green, only a handful of companies could provide it because of material cost. This leads to lower competition making the prices remain high for homeowners. Even when you consider the incentives, the prices are still high for your average homeowners.

No reason not to go green

constructionDespite that, you won’t find a good reason not to go green. There are many benefits to going green especially when building your home. While there are no international agreement regarding carbon reduction in construction, it still better to do your part and go green for once. There are many organizations that are slowly working their way towards 100% green operation. The outlook for these company is bright since the federal government will soon create policies requiring eco-friendly building processes.

Many environment-concerned companies support green buildings. In fact, they are pushing for all companies to start using eco-friendly building methods. Contrary to what most people think, a single building emits high amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Most people think that buildings do not contribute to climate change but the fact is, they do – and the effect is huge. Add to that the carbon emission from the process of building it and you’ll have an idea of their effect of the environment.

Here are some of the requirement for construction companies before they are considered eco-friendly,

  • Efficient use of water and energy while building
  • Efficient use of all kinds of resources
  • Minimal use of harmful elements
  • Efficient use of land
  • Reduced waste emission during the building process
  • Use renewable energy as primary source
  • Use local materials to avoid transportation cost

These things aren’t that hard to implement. In fact, these are quite easy to achieve. A construction company won’t even have to invest much when going green. Add to that the incentives they will get from the government. That should make them see the benefits of going green.


Despite the push of the government and the public to go green, many companies still refuse to do so. Maybe because that would require them to change their process and they don’t like it. Or maybe it’s because they don’t give a care about the environment. The only thing you can do as a consumer is to only hire companies that are using eco-friendly processes to their business. That’s the least you can do as a consumer.
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