Can You Fix a Foundation Problem on Your Own?

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Every building is laid on a foundation- be it houses, malls or auditoriums, every building needs a basic foundation structure. Foundation is therefore the most important part of constructing a building. However, many times you will find that buildings goes through some problems related to the foundation. This is especially common in houses and flats.

How to identify a foundation problem in your house?

A lot of people do not seem to notice the small signs their house is displaying that shows that the basic foundation has problems. There are a lot of signs in the shape of small everyday problems that give away the foundation issue. Problems such as leaking pipes, cracking walls, half closed doors, are all due to the faults in the foundation of the house. Older houses are more susceptible to foundation problems that new ones. (Source)

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It is important to fix the problem associated with your house’s foundation as it can lead to some serious structural damages. Fortunately, it is not usually a big hassle to fix the foundation problems of your house especially if they are in their primary stages. However, the first and foremost step in fixing a foundation problem is to be able to identify it. This can only be done by keeping a shrewd eye. If you keep a sharp eye on the structural changes happening around your house, you will be able to identify this problem.

What are the early foundation problems to look for?

In order to fix foundation problems, it is important to first look out for them and spot them. If you catch these problems in their early stages, it will be easier to fix them. Here are a few most common early signs to identify foundation problems:

  1. Cracking, crumbling or flaking of walls
  2. Improper water drainage

iii. Ripping or crumbling of paint or wallpapers

  1. Warping of ceilings
  2. Doors or windows not closing properly (How to fix a door)

Is it possible to fix these problems on your own?

You can easily fix these problems when they are in their early stages. However, if you do not have any prior knowledge or experience of these problems then it may be a problem. These problems will be fixed by using either of these methods: piercing or slabjacking. You can pierce the area which is having problems and insert supports for the foundation. Whereas, in slabjacking, you fill the problematic areas with mixture in order to have the foundation shift back to its original position.